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Monica's Story

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Andrew Morton / Hardcover / Published 1999

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Scheduled for release February 1999

Book Description 
In the summer of 1995, Monica Lewinsky, then twenty-one years old
and fresh out of college, went to work as an unpaid intern at the White
House. What happened next, as a vivacious young woman's "crush" on
her boss led to her public humiliation and the impeachment of the
President of the United States, has been documented in shocking detail.

But have we heard the true story? Betrayed by Linda Tripp, Monica
found herself a pawn in the power struggle between President Clinton
and the Office of the Independent Counsel. As she waited to face the
grand jury investigating the President, the media conducted its own trial
of Monica, while her legal predicament prevented her from telling the
world what really happened.

Monica's Story at last sets the record straight. Drawing on his exclusive
conversations with Monica, her family, and her friends, bestselling
biographer Andrew Morton paints a complex and compelling portrait of a
generous-hearted but troubled young woman whose dreams of romance
had unimaginable consequences.

Monica was compelled to answer the grand jury's questions, but it was
Andrew Morton that she unfolded the whole story of her experiences
before, during, and after the White House scandal. The result is a candid,
intimate biography of a young woman whose life holds some surprising
secrets--and whose public image is very different from the private truths
revealed in these pages. 
   From the Publisher 
   Monica Lewinsky has been at the center of the most sensational political
storm of our time...yet she has not said one word publicly about the
Now, in MONICA'S STORY, Andrew Morton can reveal the real
Monica Lewinsky behind the sordid headlines. Like Morton's bestselling
DIANA: HER TRUE STORY, the book will be based on long,
tape-recorded interviews with the subject, her family and friends.
MONICA'S STORY will be published the same week the she finally
breaks her silence in a special Barbara Walters interview, in late
February. According to the New York Times, the two have already met:
"She is well-spoken. She is intelligent," Ms. Walters told The New
York Times, "There's a lot not in the record--what this year has been like
for her, what it felt like when the president made his statements, her
 reaction, her views on the various people involved, the jokes."
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