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1998 FMS Publications

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome :

A Survival Manual



By Devin J Starlanyl,

Mary Ellen Copeland

Paperback, 401 Pages (June 1996)

New Harbinger Publications

Readers Rating

(15 Reviews)
From the Publisher:

This manual offers the first comprehensive patient guide for managing these conditions. Readers learn to identify "trigger points" and find out how to cope with chronic pain, sleep problems, and the numbing effects of "fibrofog." Includes a wealth of information on the conditions and finding support.

The Fibromyalgia Help Book :

Practical Guide to Living Better With Fibromyalgia  

By Jenny Fransen,

I. John Russel

Paperback - 256 pages (March1997) Chronimed Publishing


 Rating (1 review)

Comments from an Amazon customer:

A reader from Vancouver, Canada , 06/12/98 If you can afford only one FM book, this is the one to buy! There are many books on Fibromyalgia Syndrome out there, many offer what is implied as the "quick fix". Well gang there IS no quick fix! BUT if you really want to learn more about your FM then this is the book you need to buy.
When Muscle Pain Won't Go Away:

The Relief Handbook for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Muscle Pain

 by Gayle Backstrom,

Bernard R. Rubin

Paperback - 185 pages

Revised edition

(June 1995) Taylor Publishing;

 This new revised edition tells sufferers everything they need to know about fibromyalgia (FM), but can't find anywhere else.

It will assist and educate the lay person in recognizing and treating FM--what it is, how to detect it, and whom to consult about it, all in simple, straight forward language.

The authors cover the gamut of exercise, diet, drugs, and emotional considerations.

The Fibromyalgia Handbook

by Harris H. McIlwain,

Debra Fulghum Bruce

Paperback - 185 pages

Revised edition

(June 1995) Taylor Publishing;


Rating 3 Reviews
 Catalogue Description:

This book will enable sufferers to live actively with fibromyalgia as they become educated about the disease and learn how to manage its symptoms with definite lifestyle changes.  

While some feel their symptoms are part of growing older, fibromyalgia is not a sign of aging. With a proven 7-Step Treatment Program, The Fibromyalgia Handbook offers new hope to millions afflicted with this ailment. It includes the latest in medications and medical treatments; specific exercises to reduce deep muscle pain and to increase strength and energy, ways to alleviate stress and anxiety; a complementary approach to reducing symptoms through therapies, including homeopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, and therapeutic touch, among others; a nutritional plan; and much more.

Alternative Medicine Guide to Chronic Fatigue,

Fibromyalgia and Environmental Illness

by Burton Goldberg

  From the Publisher:

Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and environmental illness can be permanently reversed using nontoxic alternative medicine treatments. In this book, 26 leading physicians explain the techniques and natural substances that brought complete recovery to their patients. logo

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